Leading a Small Group

Leading a group is one of the best things you can do to continue growing!

Why lead a Small Group?

At Family Church we believe our church must grow LARGER and SMALLER at the same time.

LEADING a Small Group provide opportunities for:

  • GROWTH - as Family Church grows, the need for more Small Groups grows as well
  • others to get connected
  • others to feel valued
  • others to grow in their relationship with Jesus and people
  • YOU to continue to grow

What is involved in leading a Small Group?

The main things to think about when leading a Small Group are desire and availability.

There are of course other things that we ask of our Small Group Leaders which will be discussed in more detail after initial contact but desire and availability are the 2 things to be sure of on your end.

If you'd like more info on becoming a Small Group Leader OR you'd like to begin the process of becoming a Small Group Leader, please fill out the form below.